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Alongside acting, Ryan Noire is a keen Martial Artist.
Growing up with a love for Hong Kong Style Cinema, he begun studying Shotokan Karate. He then began learning more disciplines including Mixed Martial Arts, Parkour, Tricking and Taekwondo.

After training with Storm Fight Team and Flashing Blades Stunt Team, he's adapted his martial arts background to become a confident fight performer. 

Ryan's also trained in firearms from the Military & with Bare Arms Firearms Course.
Ryan regularly trains with a variety of weapons including swords, knives, axe and bo-staff.

Ryan has utilised his skills and training both in front and behind the camera. He's been a stunt co-ordinator and fight choreographer on multiple productions including "Leaper", "Immortium" and "The Ballad Of Lucy Sands".

Ryan aspires to learn more styles and become a skilful Martial Artist, both off and on screen. Check out his varioys fight scenes and stunt work below.

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Agent - 1st Talent Agency

Ryan Noire is represented by 1st Talent Agency in London.
If you're interested in casting Ryan John, please contact 1st Talent via email or call them on the number below.