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Ryan grew up watching the talented fighters of Hong Kong Cinema and action heroes of the big screen and knew he wanted to be like them.

His journey began with Martial Arts, he began learning Shotokan Karate and taekwondo for two years at his local club. During his time in the Royal Navy, Ryan learned trained in Boxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts aswell as learning Parkour & Martial Tricking.
He joined Storm Fight Team in 2014 and Flashing Blades Stunt Team in 2017  to begin learning stunts, falls and working with weaponry, adapting his vast fighting knowledge into the discipline of fight choreography. Wanting to expand his fast growing passion, he began training with a variety of weaponry including sword, axe, bo-staff, dagger and kali sticks.

Alongside his martial arts training, Ryan Noire has training in firearms from his time in the Air Cadets, serving with the Royal Navy & with Bare Arms Firearms Course.

Ryan Noire aspires to learn more styles, weaponry and become a skilful Martial Artist, both off and on the big screen. 

With Ryan Noire's background in filmmaking and fight performing, Ryan has worked on multiple productions designing action and co-ordinating fight sequences on many productions. His most notably projects TRAFFICKED (Feature Film), CONTROL/CHAOS (Short Film) and IMMORTIUM (Amazon Series).

If you need an action sequence or fight scene designed for your project, contact Ryan Noire today to hire him. Click on the link below.

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Ryan Noire is represented by Stugg Management Agency in London, UK.
If you wish to cast him as an Actor/Action Performer in your production, contact his agency today via Email or Telephone below.